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Ultraviyole Mine (Uv Mine)

UV Enamels

EUROTechniche UV enamls, “EUV” make up a new product linet hat summarizes years of experience in the decoration in sectors such as jewellery, watchmaking and industry. These materials of sophisticated technology meet the highest requirements are characterized by high flexibilty in processing, high quality of selected raw materials and a wide range of vibrant tones and colors, also availible to measure and customizable.

EUROTechiche has designed a start-up that consists of essential accessories for the correct operation of the application procedure such as the ultaviolet gun, the protective box, googles and other components.

Here are some features of EUV enamels: ,

  • Variety of colours
  • Chemically resistant
  • Temperature resistantant up to 200 C
  • Possibility of engraving laser, drilling and electroplating.