Prestige UNICAST Döküm Alçısı

Prestige UNICAST Investment Powder

Prestige UNICAST Investment Powder, is a premium quality gypsum bonded investment in the prestige line of investments designed for users that prefer one investment for multiple casting applications. Prestige UNICAST™ is a perfect choice for casting gold up to 18k and superior for producing the most complex designs in sterling and fine silver.

  • Universal formula for a variety of casting applications
  • Controlled expansion properties that are compatible with all commonly used injection waxes
  • Variable water to powder ratio allows for a variety of mixing equipment and techniques to be used
  • Reduces surface tension on wax to provide super smooth, bubble free castings
  • Eliminates water marks from forming on casting surface
  • E-Z quench formula. Clean breakaway of investment during water quench
  • Eliminate defects still obtained with other brands when less than prefect mixing techniques are observed
  • Highly consistent from batch to batch
  • Ease of use- Mixes a thin, creamy, easy to pour consistency