Prestige ORO Döküm Alçısı

Prestige Oro Investment Powder

Prestige Oro Investment Powder, is a true premium gypsum bonded investment developed and perfected fot the casting of gold alloys up to 22K. To archieve the very best casting surface possible, ORO™ incorporates specially graded refractory minerals and specialized control chemicals that are proven to out-perform all premium investments currently on the market.

  • Highest purity, white gypsum mined from the wold’s best know deposits.
  • Special premium grade cristobalite imported from the U.S.A.
  • High purity refractory grains, sized to archieve the smoothest casting surfaces possible.
  • Mixes to a rich, creamy, easy pour consistency.
  • Reduces surface tension on wax to supply buble free castings.
  • Superior removal of investment during water quench.
  • Controlled expansion properties that are compatible with all injection waxes and commonly used plastic pattern materials.
  • Compatible with all type injection waxes.
  • Reliable consistency from batch to batch.
  • Eliminates surface defects obtained using other brands.
  • Reduces time in finishing. Saves time & money.