Metaltech Alloyları Prima Alloy

Prima Alloy

PRIMA range of products is the result of a long and deep research made in METALTECH InnovAction laboratories. This range of products specific for investment casting, thanks to the complex composition made of numerous different special elements, ensures an extreme level of deoxidation, an extreme surface quality, an enhanced fluidity and a long lasting of this features also after many reuses of casting scraps, making it the most advanced solution for castings with and without stones in place.PRIMA products have the capability to reduce the weight loss after investment casting, as well as keeping the original alloy color also after pickling, avoiding, so, problems of presence of different shades of colors in the same piece, in eventual presence of areas where the polishing results difficult like concave surfaces or stones pavè.

  • Fine grained structure
  • High deoxidation properties
  • Lowest weight loss after casting