Metaltech Alloyları Divina Alloy

Divina Alloy

DIVINA is a revolutionary range of master alloys for the production of nickel, palladium and manganese free white gold alloys. DIVINA product family comprehends master alloys for the production of objects obtained by investment casting. The main feature of DIVINA range is a very elevated grade of white and the total absence any element which can be could be dangerous for skin health. The casted pieces result with a high surface quality and very clean from oxides. This feature make the castings of objects with stone-in-place particularly clean and shiny under the stones. The extreme low casting temperature and low shrinkage of DIVINA, moreover, gives magnificent results in casting with stone-in-place in the integrity of the stones color and resistance to cracking. The gold alloys obtained with DIVINA master alloys completely respect the UNI EN 1811 regulation in all the fineness’.

  • Nickel, palladium and manganese free
  • High form-filling property
  • Very low melting point
  • Easy castings with diamonds-in-place